Solutions Overview

An annual subscription to CR Data Intelligence delivers more granular insights from CR’s rigorous and unbiased expert testing data, and CR’s robust consumer survey data on product reliability, satisfaction, and usage. We provide additional consumer perspective to analytics, engineering, product and quality teams.

Our Offering

Behind CR’s published content and ratings sits CR Data Intelligence—a trusted source for data, reports, and practical guidance geared to help industry professionals create products and standards that put consumers first.

The CR Difference

Data is the basis for virtually all the work that CR does. We combine member survey data with our own consumer research to ensure that our tests reflect how consumers actually use products.

Data & Insights


Raw Data

Millions of data points collected via tests, surveys and consumer verbatims


Actionable insights, data visualizations
and highlights  


Dedicated account management and technical support

Our Data Sets

CR independently tests thousands of products and services in our labs each year and surveys hundreds of thousands of consumers about their experiences with products and services. This same data that powers our unbiased ratings and reviews for consumers is the foundation of our unique consumer-driven data solutions and insights drawn from CR’s unrivaled testing and research expertise.

Test Insights

Delivers more granular data behind CR’s published test and performance ratings for most consumer products and autos sold in the U.S.

  • Access unpublished, more-granular test data
  • Benchmark to best-in-class with more precision
  • Identify opportunities based on CR priorities

Reliability Insights

Offers a comprehensive, industry-wide view of long-term product reliability in the U.S. marketplace based on CR member surveys.

  • Gain further insight into consumer problem areas
  • Identify opportunities based on CR priorities
  • Understand product reliability beyond warranty period

Satisfaction Drivers

An add-on to Reliability Insights, offers a comprehensive, industry-wide view of long-term owner satisfaction based on CR member surveys.

  • Gain further insight into consumer preferences
  • Understand the impact of reliability issues
  • Benchmark satisfaction at an industry level

Use Cases