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CR Insights & Analysis

CR Insights & Analysis

CR Insights & Analysis offers industry experts high-level analysis, supporting data, and key takeaways from CR testing and survey data across Autos and Appliances. Reports may provide deeper understanding of CR’s testing protocols or ratings methods, and preview CR’s long-term research and testing priorities. CR also holds webinars to update the industry on new tests, ratings methods, and scoring changes. Presentations and recordings can be found here. Contact us to get on the invitation and distribution list.

Recent CR Insights & Analysis

MAY 2021 | 26 pages

CR Auto Industry Insights: ADAS Lane Systems

This report summarizes CR’s latest consumer-driven data and expert insights about lane systems. Data is from the 2020 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Survey among CR members. CR believes manufacturers have the most opportunity to improve lane systems with respect to driver satisfaction, demand, adoption, and proper usage.

november 2020 | 26 pages

CR Active Driving Assistance Systems: Test Results & Design Recommendations

This report provides more explanation and guidance on the state of Active Driving Assistance Systems, as a followup to the webinar (available below) and Consumer Reports ratings from October 2020. While the systems are not equally capable, and may be designed with different usage intentions, CR’s evaluation focused on real-world driving experience of consumers, keeping safety at the forefront. CR plans to provide advance notice as to when these tests will be included in the Overall Score. In the meantime, underlying data will be available via CR’s Data Intelligence subscription.

october 2020 | 9 pages

CR Lab Test Bulletin: Dishwasher Drying Performance Research Highlights

Consumer Reports has produced this industry report to share the preliminary highlights of a new drying test approach for our Dishwasher lab tests. CR will likely implement this new drying test later in 2020 and eventually incorporate it into the Overall Score (timing is still to be determined). CR plans to provide advance notice as to when this new drying test will be included in the Overall Score. In the meantime, underlying data will be available via CR’s Data Intelligence subscription.

september 2020 | 12 PAGES

Connected Home Appliances Study

In June 2020, Consumer Reports conducted a research study of connected appliance consumers in four product categories (Washer/Dryer, Dishwasher, Oven/Range, Refrigerator) to understand their perceptions, experience, and usage with their connected appliances. The following report summarizes our findings and recommendations for manufacturers including connected home buyer personas, opportunity areas and a product-by-product connectivity guide.

August 2020 | 6 PAGES

Gear Selector Report

Consumer Reports continually reviews vehicle technology and uses several inputs to validate the design and implementation of these new systems. This report summarizes our findings from five Automatic-Transmission Gear selector questions in the 2019 Annual Auto Survey among CR members. Our goal in sharing consumer-driven data insights with the industry, our partners and government regulators is to shape the marketplace in favor of consumers.


Refrigerator Q Study

The objectives of the Refrigerator Q Study, conducted in November 2019, were to explore which refrigerator features consumers are most interested in, to probe deeper into consumers’ experiences with the features, and to understand the importance of some of the refrigerator attributes rated by Consumer Reports. 


Consumer Perceptions of ADAS

This report summarizes our findings from the 2018 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Survey among CR members. At a high level, consumers report high satisfaction and perceived benefit with ADAS when the systems meet expectations, but the findings also highlight key areas for improvement. CR continually reviews new safety technology and uses several inputs to evaluate the design and implementation of these new systems. We use these inputs to determine when the technology has evolved enough to call for more widespread adoption. 


Partially Automated Driving Systems Report

This report provides a closer look at our first-ever ratings of partially automated driving systems. The report details how and why the test criteria were selected, how the systems performed, and how they compare with one another. We illuminate best practices and potential pitfalls as this technology begins to proliferate throughout the industry. The findings and insights are presented to help ensure that these features are designed, introduced, and marketed in a fair, honest, and safe manner.

November 2017 | 43 pages

Auto Safety Report

This special report offers insights into the promise and reality of advanced driver assist systems. Our findings are based on our extensive and proprietary survey data; thousands of miles of CR’s expert, hands-on road tests; and objective, independent analysis of vehicles that have these developing systems. The findings also draw from our deeply engaged experience of working with the industry and regulators and advocating on behalf of all consumers, especially where safety is concerned.

Recent CR Industry Webinars

OCTOBER 21, 2020 | 67 minutes

CR Active Driving Assistance Testing

Jake Fisher, Senior Director of Automotive Testing, Kelly Funkhouser, Head of Connected and Automated Vehicle Testing, and William Wallace, Manager of Safety Policy discuss our expanded evaluations of 17 active driving assistance systems. CR’s ratings evaluate the highest level of driving automation in vehicles on the market today in the U.S. and the significant differences among them. The session includes key takeaways of what we found, the criteria we analyzed, how we tested, and what constitutes the gold standard (and what falls short) within each area. Also discussed, CR’s related advocacy activities and priorities in this critical automotive space.

June 4, 2020 | 19 MINUTES

CR New Overall TV Scoring System

Maria Rerecich, Senior Director, Product Testing, Jen Shecter, Senior Director, Content Impact and Outreach, and Simon Slater, Associate Director, Survey Research discuss CR’s new survey methodology for calculating predicted brand reliability scores for products including TVs, and also review top 10 criteria for data privacy and data security ratings which are now incorporated into a TV’s overall score.

June 10, 2019 | 37 MINUTES

CR New Brand Reliability Scores for Appliances

Michael Saccucci, Consumer Reports’ Director of Statistics & Data Science, discusses the methodology behind our first-ever ranking of major appliance brands (kitchen and laundry) based on predicted reliability. He will explain how we arrived at our brand-level reliability scores, which are based on the predicted reliability ratings for individual product categories. 

May 30, 2019 | 33 minutes

CR 2020 Autos Ratings Update

Jake Fisher, Consumer Reports’ Senior Director of Automotive Testing, presents the new Top Picks requirements for the April 2020 Annual Autos Issue. He also details our upcoming reliability release plans and explains how we calculate rollaway prevention scoring.

February 13, 2019 | 40 minutes

CR 2018 Auto Reliability Update

Jake Fisher, Consumer Reports’ Director of Automotive Testing, presents changes to Overall Score, our new Top Pick requirements, and an update to 2018 reliability data.

October 18, 2018 | 55 minutes

CR Partially Automated Driving Systems Ratings

Jake Fisher, Consumer Reports’ Director of Automotive Testing, presents partially automated driving systems ratings methodology and other ratings updates.