Intelligence for a Better Marketplace

CR Data Intelligence delivers consumer-driven data insights from CR’s rigorous and trusted research, testing, and surveys to industry experts, including manufacturers, regulators, and researchers.

The goal: to inform the design and development of products, standards, and policies to better prioritize consumer safety, security, performance, and quality.

Survey data on over 300K vehicles 
Offerings in 22 categories 
500K survey responses analyzed


Millions of expert and consumer data points help inform and reinforce decisions.


Our insights intersect
consumer needs with safety
and reliability.


Together, we are working to improve products and services for consumers.

Creating a Consumer-Driven Marketplace

Researchers & Regulators

Advance consumer-first standards, policies, and laws with unique data-driven insights.

Learn what consumers value.

Our consumer-driven data insights help you identify what matters to consumers, how behaviors are changing, and what trends to anticipate.

Fill critical knowledge gaps.

From safety and product performance to consumer sentiment and preference, CR insights are trustworthy building blocks.

Foster fairness and transparency.

CR’s independence and expertise can inform your efforts to create a safer, fairer, more transparent marketplace.

Engineers & Product Designers

Better serve consumers by creating higher-quality, safer, better-performing products.

Gain consumer-driven insights.

Get a consumer-first perspective on safety, reliability, and satisfaction, as well as competitive product performance.

Leverage an independent data source. 

Inform decisions with our unique consumer-driven data sets and insights drawn from CR’s unrivaled testing expertise.

Understand CR’s testing analysis.

Improve offerings and deliver the best product for consumers with more specialized test data, trends, and competitive benchmarks.

Trusted, Independent Data

CR independently tests thousands of products and services in our labs each year and surveys hundreds of thousands of consumers about their experiences with products and services. This same data that powers our unbiased ratings and reviews for consumers is the foundation of our unique consumer-driven data solutions and insights drawn from CR’s unrivaled testing expertise.


Competitive Benchmarking

Identify opportunities and gaps to best in class and industry median. Validate internal testing and supplement competitive analysis.


Unpublished Data

Gain deeper understanding and context behind CR’s evaluations and priorities with access to unpublished testing data and interactive data visualization tools.


Consumer Insights

Validate product quality and safety priorities based on consumer reported problem areas, satisfaction factors, and consumer verbatims.

Dashboards and Downloadable Data

How Our Data Are Being Used

More granular testing measurements and competitive data revealed key areas for product improvement compared to the category leader.
John Doe
CR's consumer-reported problem areas were compared to customer call center and warranty data. Alignment between these sources helped the manufacturer meet the needs of the consumer.
John Doe